training : general computing

Vistacomputer basics

Participants who are new to computers or to your organization will enjoy this entry-level class focusing primarily on the following topics: using the operating system, file management, and printing. 

The class is available for Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

The class is designed for those with little or no computer experience and will help them gain confidence with the keyboard and mouse.  Ample time will be provided for questions and answers.  (Recommended Time: 2 Hours)

shortcuts that every employee should know

Learn computer shortcuts that can save precious time every day.  Forty specific computer shortcuts including:

Special focus will be given to Microsoft Excel, covering a wide variety of Excel-related tips like working with functions, using keyboard shortcuts, creating charts, and ways to save time (and paper) when printing. 

Beginners and experts will all learn something new, guaranteed!  (Recommended Time: 3 Hours)

computer and network security

This class on computer security covers basic concepts including:

Learn how “hackers” can get into the system and how you can play your part in locking them out!

Applied Office will work closely with your HR and IT departments to ensure class materials and instruction match your existing security, email, and computer usage policies.  (Recommended Time: 1 Hour)

searching the internet

Microsoft Internet ExplorerParticipants will learn all the tricks for making the most of Google and Yahoo, discuss the pros and cons of Wikipedia, and discover some of the best ways to search for information quickly on the web.  (Recommended Time: 1 Hour)