training : microsoft word

Available Versions

Training on Microsoft Word is available in the following versions:

  • Office XP
  • Office 2003
  • Office 2007
  • Office 2010
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Upcoming Classes

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introduction to microsoft word

Microsoft WordThis class is for those who have little or no experience using Microsoft Word.  The instructor will help participants learn simple word-processing concepts to help them be more efficient and create more professional-looking documents.  Topics include copy-and-paste, spell check and thesaurus, text and paragraph styles, printing options, tabs, and more.  (Recommended Time: 2 Hours)

mastering mail merge

Ever been frustrated trying to create mailing labels, form letters, or a customized email?  This class explores the ways that Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook can all be used to create merged documents with data pulled from a variety of sources.  (Recommended Time: 2 Hours)

creating and using styles

This intermediate class on Microsoft Word introduces participants to creating styles.  Styles are used to give a consistent appearance within and between documents.  Anyone who has difficulty managing large documents or maintaining consistency should take this class.  (Recommended Time: 1 Hour)

working with headers, footers, and a table of contents

Finally the mysteries of page headers, page footers, and creating a Table of Contents will be revealed.  This intermediate-level class will spend time on each of these topics, including working with long documents with multiple header/footer sections.  Prerequisite: Participants must first be familiar with using styles.  (Recommended Time: 1 Hour)

creating forms in microsoft word

Participants will learn how to create professional-looking forms (for printed and electronic input) in this intermediate Microsoft Word class.  They will also create forms that are “locked down” to limit user input and prevent users from altering the contents or formatting of the document.  (Recommended Time: 3 Hours)