training : microsoft powerpoint

Available Versions

Training on Microsoft PowerPoint is available in the following versions:

  • Office XP
  • Office 2003
  • Office 2007
  • Office 2010
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Upcoming Classes

Check out the Spring 2011 line-up of public classes in Stockton, CA, or schedule a class at your own office for flat-rate pricing.

introduction to microsoft powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPointLearn how to create a simple, effective slide show presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint.  This beginning class will cover all of the basics including adding clip art and shapes to your slides, editing text, using the efficient outline mode to brainstorm your ideas, and using a professionally-created template to add the final touch.  Participants will also learn how to easily save their slides to a CD for distribution.  If requested, the instructor can also show participants how to use their specific model of projector and laptop to show a presentation.  (Recommended Time: 2 Hours)

spicing up your presentation

For those familiar with the PowerPoint basics, this class offers more advanced instruction on how to really make your slideshow be professional, eye-catching, and informative.  Learn how to manipulate the Master Slide, add your own logo, use animation, and use transitions in a way that makes your audience stay awake.  Other topics covered include saving your presentation to the web and creating a presentation template.  A basic understanding of PowerPoint is required.  (Recommended Time: 2 Hours)